Open air venue for electronic music & subculture

Dear Community,

After years of successful history at Münster’s city harbor, we have decided to give the beloved city beach a new contemporary profile while also returning a bit more to our roots. Starting this year, Coconutbeach will become Dockland, aiming to provide more space for subculture and electronic music. Our goal is to not only introduce new event formats but also to create a platform for local artists and performers from various fields. For us at Dockland GmbH, our passion for electronic music and the organization of our already well-known events have always been at the core of our work. After 29 years of Dockland history, we want to not only look back proudly at our achievements but also to look forward.

Unfortunately, the previous name did not reflect the focus on electronic music, the urban vibe, or the significance of the location as an important open-air venue for electronic music in Northwest Germany. While we were recognized through our event series Kanello Galore or the Docklands Festival, the location itself as a space for electronic music never had the significance we had hoped for. We aim to change that now. The name update marks the beginning of our journey towards a newly defined identity. An identity that clearly expresses what our heart beats for, who we are – and of course, brings along some changes.

Alongside Kanello Galore, other electronic event formats will also find their place at Dockland in the future. The everyday program of Docklands will become more cultural and musically diverge from the mainstream. From now on, only electronic and carefully curated subcultural events will be promoted on our channels. Our opening will take place on April 20th – all information about it will follow in the next few days!

Love & Peace your Dockland Team